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Web Design

In today’s world, your online presence is very important, it’s often how people gain a first impression of your company. At OasisCode, we offer a variety of services centered around making your company look presentable and professional on the internet.

Web Development

Not so long ago, everyone was visiting your website through their computers. But nowadays, your traffic is coming from smartphones, tablets and a variety of laptop and desktop devices. Our modern web development techniques ensure that your website is beautiful and usable through any device, on any platform.

Web Application

The average website is digital equivalent of a traditional booklet, containing a variety of pages with text and images. However, websites are capable of so much more than that! They are able to act as online stores, where transactions take place and orders are processed. They can be organization tools where team members can store, and share information. Our team is able to leverage the power of online platforms to take your company to the next level.


The goal of many websites (including this one) is to be informative in a concise and consistent fashion. We know from personal experience how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to organize all your thoughts and craft a clear message for your company. We take pride in working with you to produce high quality content that communicates your message.


December, 2014

Moses Structural Engineers

Moses Structural Engineers (MSE) hired OasisCode to design and develop this particular project as a one-page website dedicated to explaining a service they provide in conjunction to new regulations that was recently passed in Ontario. The website is designed to be an all-in-one experience that describes the new service, gives a background of MSE as a company, and allows potential new clients to contact the organization for more information.


June, 2012

Raise5 Inc.

Raise5 is a fully-featured custom platform developed by OasisCode Founder, Shayan Nahrvar (along with 2 other co-founders). Raise5 is a custom-designed eCommerce platform with user management systems and social media integration. Through Raise5, tens of thousands of dollars were raised for a variety of charities. While ultimately, the business was not financially sustainable, the platform was a fantastic experiment in high-level web development.


July, 2015

Jail Education Solutions Inc.

Jail Education Solutions hired OasisCode once again, for their second development project: Edovo. This website is an informative, interactive experience that describes the education platform aimed at unlocking the potential of incarcerated people in the United States.


January, 2014

PageVault Inc.

As an up and coming company, Page Vault hired OasisCode to design and develop their online presence, which included a branding, logo design and a company website. This was especially important as they were in the process of attracting investors, and needed to establish their legitimacy in their industry. This project was completed at the end of 2014. In the early months of 2015, Page Vault was able to secure over $1.3M of investment funding, and they are continuing to grow today.


November, 2014

Archaelogical Services Incorporated

ASI hired OasisCode to design and develop a new company website using ASI’s existing colour schemes and branding. With incredible collaboration from the client, this website was built in just over one month. The website is a custom designed content management system, which means that the client is capable of changing, adding and removing content from the website with virtually no technical knowledge. This is particularly important to ASI as they are regularly updating their site, adding and updating articles, books, projects, and a variety of other information.


June, 2014

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Yshop consists of a fully customized eCommerce platform and a new logo for the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. The project was constructed on the Shopify platform, which allows the client to manage their own inventory, product details, shipping rules amongst other things.


February, 2013

Jail Education Solutions Inc.

Jail Education Solutions was one of OasisCode’s very first clients. They hired OasisCode to do pure development work in an extremely fast-paced collobaration with a talented web-designer. With great intensity and dedication, this entire project was completed within the span of one week.

"We've been working with OasisCode for over 2 years now, and they've proven to be capable and reliable professionals. They did an amazing job in designing and building our online shop. It looks beautiful, and functions exactly as we intended! Thanks for being true partners in our success."

-Dorri McWhorter, CEO

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

"Our company has gladly returned to OasisCode multiple times for website designs. Their team has strong communication skills, and they act as true partners throughout the creative process. In the end, we consistently have great outputs that are on time and on budget."

-Jeffrey Eschbach, CEO

Page Vault Inc.

"We enjoyed working with OasisCode. They completed our project on short notice, and did a great job."

-Brian Hill, CEO

Jail Education Solutions Inc.

"I had the great pleasure of working with Shayan. He took our website from dated to modern, and implemented many features that are unique to our company. He accomplished this in a short amount of time and charged a competitive price. Shayan was always professional, efficient and friendly, and he always answered our questions with patience and understanding."

-Claire van Nierop, Communications Manager


OasisCode was created in 2013 by Shayan Nahrvar, an Engineer with a undergrad and master’s degree from the University of Toronto. Shayan was the faculty’s youngest Lecturer at the age of 23, teaching Algebra and Physics. Aside from his passion for teaching Math and Science, Shayan has always been deeply attracted to web development and entrepreneurship.

Prior to creating Oasiscode, Shayan was the co-founder of Raise5, an award-winning tech startup, that garnered the attention of the mainstream media as well as business Magnate Sir Richard Branson.


We value the importance of clear, honest communication. The type of communication that sets realistic expectations and obligations for all parties. We have an open colloborative approach with our clients.


Even with great communication, there is always the opportunity for a difference of opinion. We always strive to understand our clients' point of view, and to respond to them with respect and fairness.


We focus and excel at the few services that we provide: web design, development and copywriting. We take pleasure in fine-tuning our craft and providing exceptional work for our clients.

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